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Our vision is to bring understanding and knowledge on safe & compliant transport, storage and management of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals to your organisation so that together, we can improve safety, awareness and compliance.

ORP Consultancy’s approach is based on 3 parts that form the approach to enable you to manage your dangerous goods and hazardous chemical transport and compliance:

Organise | we prepare your systems & processes

Re-organise | we review your systems & processes

Professionalise | we educate, monitor & advise

What are dangerous goods?
consulting on dangerous goods warehousing


Hazardous chemical compliance.

Hazardous Chemical assessments, advice, solutions, process implementation and ongoing assistance, as your dangerous goods & hazardous chemical consultants, we will look after your compliance. Risk minimisation is the outcome of expert advice, actioned. 



Build your knowledge for dangerous goods compliance excellence

We deliver dangerous goods training courses in our Brisbane training , throughout Australia and the Pacific Region. Successfully achieve accreditation training alongside well-regarded dangerous goods experts. Enjoy a blended delivery of dangerous goods coursework in the classroom, online and ‘on-the-job’.

Dangerous Goods Training
Loading dangerous goods onto aircraft


Compliant and Managed

Stay in control and simplify the complexity of your dangerous goods compliance by letting the dangerous goods experts from ORP DG PRO manage your dangerous goods logistics. Whether it is packing & documentation or managing the logistics process, we are the dangerous goods transport specialists who will look after your dangerous goods shipments so that you can focus on other parts of your business.