Stay in control of logistics and build your reputation with fast, error free, compliant & safe preparation and shipping of dangerous goods.

Transportation of dangerous goods, whether by air, sea, road or rail is not like traditional shipping of general cargo. One cannot just put dangerous goods in a carton, put a label on it and ship it without taking the dangerous goods safety and compliance requirements into account.

Dangerous goods regulations and compliance, the safety of people, aircraft, vessels, cars, trucks, trains, equipment and storage facilities, the cargo and the environment – all must be considered.

The logistics around preparing and shipping dangerous goods for transport requires a full understanding of the relevant regulations and can be a time-consuming exercise. Cargo that is packed and sent with incorrect packaging, packing, documentation, marks and labels will cause rejections, delays and additional costs. To avoid this, you need to have the right team working with you, a team with a full understanding of the maze of complex requirements involved with transporting of dangerous goods.

Your own DG expert on demand

The dangerous goods consultants at ORP DG PRO have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ‘all things’ dangerous goods and freight. Our dangerous goods experts are available to give you a fast response to your enquiries for you to keep your cargo moving. Timely communication and great service are important to us. We aim to make your experience as stress-free and easy as possible.

When you partner with ORP DG PRO we continue to advise and assist you with all your dangerous goods requirements, long after your shipments have safely reached its’ destination. At ORP DG PRO, ongoing compliance and safety go hand-in-hand with fast response time, competitive rates and full access to expert Dangerous Goods knowledge.

No matter the size of your shipment, the mode of transport or the dangerous goods class, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you. ORP DG PRO is not a freight forwarder, leaving you with your preferred option to move the cargo. Where required and requested we will actively participate and communicate with your other providers to ensure a smooth process regarding your dangerous goods shipping.

However, if you require a full service, we can take the process off your hands entirely, keeping you updated throughout the process with open and clear communication. We can pack and document safely worldwide and if required organise transport through our selected network of capable freight forwarders. We aim to give you a fast response, competitive rates and the service you need and deserve while you stay focused on the other things that are important to your business.

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classification and identification of hazardous goods

For all Classes of Dangerous Goods

For all classes of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries, explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances, ORP Consultancy provides the following DG services:

  • Inspect, pack and re-pack into UN specification packaging
  • Marking & labelling
  • DG documentation for the concerning mode of transport
  • Inspection of cargo on-site
  • Decanting into sizes accommodating the transport of dangerous goods via airfreight on passenger and/or cargo aircraft
  • Measuring magnetised material compass deflection for airfreight as per IATA DGR packing instruction 953
  • Authorised transport via road of radioactive material (class 7)
  • Authorised transport via road of low risk category explosives (class 1)
  • Assuming all legal responsibilities for the dangerous goods shipments ORP Consultancy handles

Radioactive Materials

The logistics involving radioactive materials is more involved than your ‘standard’ shipment of dangerous goods. 

Import permits, export permits, licenses to transport and to store, disposal of radioactive sources, supply chain & remote areas are just a few of the challenges.

We have been involved with the logistics and disposal of radioactive materials for many years, not only in Australia but also in the Pacific Region in countries like Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Our owner and principal consultant is a trained and experienced Radiation Safety Officer, provides training for the transport of radioactive materials via road, and is well-versed in the handling of the projects involving radioactive materials. 

Have you got a radioactive material challenge for us?

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Dangerous Goods Packing