Dangerous Goods Labels and Marks

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ORP DG PRO is a supplier of self-adhesive hazard labels and handling marks & labels for transport (airfreight, sea freight and road & rail freight).

Dangerous goods have been classified into nine classes of dangerous goods, with some classes subdivided into divisions. There is a hazard label for each class or division. The function of the label is to communicate the hazard(s) that are contained within that package. The label(s) must be applied to the outside of the package and shall remain in place for (at least) the duration of the transport.

Our labels for dangerous goods include everything you need to identify hazards such as corrosive, flammable, toxic, infectious, radioactive and miscellaneous substances.  These hazard labels are essential for domestic as well as international compliance with dangerous goods transport regulations. Dangerous goods labels are a requirement for dangerous goods transport for the various modes of transport (air, sea, road & rail).

Orders are shipped via Sendle. If you require express delivery please contact us prior to ordering.