Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

That’s a colourful label…..black icon, white background and a red band around it. No idea what it actually means, but it should be fine. Let’s put it with the other colourful labelled packages, keep them all together in one spot…maybe a Dangerous Goods awareness course is needed.

Dangerous Goods Awareness goes a long way. It is not complicated and most of the times it is common sense. But unfamiliarity, unawareness and complacency are funny words that can have big consequences.

Hazardous Chemical awareness
Flammable Liquid Label
Dangerous Goods Spill

Those colourful labels are actually pictograms that communicate hazards. Physical, health and environmental hazards of chemicals to be precise.

Labels, placards, signs and pictograms are visual media. Easier to see and understand than plain words. The dangerous goods world is full of visual media, making it easier to spot dangerous goods.

Seeing dangerous goods labels, like the Flammable Liquid label, is one thing. Another thing is to realise what the label indicates and what the hazards involved with for instance Flammable Liquids are. Amongst other things, items like flashpoint, ignition points and ventilation should be observed. And this is just for Flammable Liquids, there are 8 other classes of dangerous goods, some with divisions, out there. All with their own specific hazards and dangerous goods handling requirements.

Pictograms are one item. What about the Safety Data Sheet, or SDS?

You would have heard of it, but have you taken the time to read them? Do you know what information is contained in a Safety Data Sheet?

Do you know that Safety Data Sheets need to be in a certain standardised format and that they expire?

Do you know when you are required to have current Safety Data Sheets on site and that you need to ensure they are readily available?

And what about dangerous goods storage? Or Hazardous Chemical storage as it is usually called when it concerns storage and handling? Segregation of incompatible dangerous goods is required. Do you know that? Do your employees know that?

There are many more items that are involved with Dangerous Goods Awareness. Too hard for you to teach your employees a Dangerous Goods Awareness course? Too difficult? Not enough hours in the day?

Thankfully we are here to provide you with knowledgable, hands-on Dangerous Goods Awareness Courses.

Customised to your dangerous goods and to your location, and preferably, where possible, provided as an in-house dangerous goods course at your location.

A fit-for-purpose dangerous goods awareness course for all levels of employees, from management to Sales and Customer Service, to Export department and warehouse employees.