Transport of Section II Lithium Batteries Courses

This course is covering all modes of transport, air, sea and road & rail freight.

Looking for a Transport of Section II Lithium Battery course?
  • Want to know more about the requirements for shipping Section II Lithium Batteries by air, road and sea, but you get lost in the various regulations and codes?
  • You don’t know how Lithium Batteries are classified and if your Lithium Batteries are a section II or a Class 9 dangerous goods?
  • Outsourcing dangerous goods packing, marking & labelling and documenting are an unexpected and unwanted cost?
Lithium Batteries

Transport of Lithium Batteries Section II 

Self-paced online course

$75 ex GST per participant

The online training courses suit all parties involved with the transport of Section II Lithium Batteries; shippers, packers, warehouse staff, customer service staff, freight forwarders and etcetera.

The online courses are self-paced from the convenience of your pc, laptop or tablet. The learner will use the online training program to progress through the theoretical part of ‘how to apply the various regulations for the transport of Section II Lithium Batteries by Air, Road and Sea.

Where required, one of our trainers can schedule you in for a 15 minute one-on-one virtual meeting with the learner to discuss the training unit(s).

Our bespoke training programs covers the course mentioned under the previous ‘Online’ section.

The bespoke course program is developed to accomodate businesses that want to provide staff with a dedicated bespoke training course for the transport of Section II Lithium Batteries that suits their product range.

The bespoke courses are available as hybrid (Brisbane), hybrid (webinar) and on-site training options.