Dangerous Goods, two words, but those two words sometimes make some feel uneasy and wanting to stay away from them as far as they can.

This is usually due to the ‘unknown’. Not understanding dangerous goods, their hazards, the protective measures, the safe handling is a main cause of the reaction when being confronted with dangerous goods.

Our dangerous goods training courses will help you recognise dangerous goods, will help you understanding dangerous goods, will help you preparing dangerous goods for transport, will help you to handle and store dangerous goods and, in the unlikely event that things go a bit wrong, will help you deal with spill management.

Have a look at the various training courses on offer by clicking the icon, and make sure to check in regularly for new courses on offer.


IATA dangerous goods regulations training

Sea Freight

Dangerous Goods by Sea - IMDG Code

Road Freight

Dangerous goods transport

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Bespoke Training

If none of the dangerous goods training courses suit your needs, we can create and deliver a customised training program for you.

The training program can be designed as a training package for upload on your own internal learning management system.

Dangerous Goods Awareness

Hazardous Chemical awareness


If you would like to have some more detailed information on the dangerous goods training courses, please send us a message.