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Dangerous Goods labels give us an immediate indication of what we are dealing with.

Imagine that you see a leaking package containing a corrosive substance, without any labels on it. Would you just pick it up, or would you first make sure you have the appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment on? Best guess, and human reaction, is that you would just pick it up.

It is no wonder that Dangerous Goods Labels and Placards are used as a visual tool.

  • Labels indicate the contents of the package.
  • Labels provide safe handling and stowage information.
  • Labels indicate the nature of hazard(s).

Our labels come in rolls of 500 and are high quality compliant labels for airfreight, sea freight and road & rail freight.

The dangerous goods labels and dangerous goods placards are made by using the best 3-5 year UV resistant vinyl and inks.

Read more about dangerous goods labels and marks in our Blog.

Orders are shipped via Sendle. If you require express delivery please contact us prior to ordering.