• Are you unaware of your responsibilities as a shipper of dangerous goods or transport provider of dangerous goods?
  • Are you lacking the time, resources or in-depth knowledge of the International, Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory compliance requirements for the transport of dangerous goods? 
  • You have never heard of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for Road & Rail? The IMDG Code for sea freight of dangerous goods? The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for airfreight of dangerous goods?
  • Your staff are not (succesfully) educated in the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods?
  • You want to make sure all dangerous goods shipments are handled, marked and labelled, documented and handed-over properly?
  • Or you are in need of an experienced and qualified 3rd party to review your systems. A set of fresh eyes will pick up on complacency that seeps in over time.
transport of dangerous goods