Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

All dangerous goods storage cabinets are designed and manufactured in ISO9001
accredited facilities with full conformance to the AUS/NZ Standards.

When choosing your storage cabinet, it is crucial that the types of dangerous goods and the hazards they present are correctly understood, so as to choose the right cabinet and to segregate incompatible substances.

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Classification Labels: all appropriate classification, capacity labels, identification and instruction labels are applied to each indoor cabinet.

Self-closing doors: all metal two door cabinets incorporate a unique and improved sequential self-closing door action, providing hands free closing and ensures doors close in the correct sequence. All metal indoor single door cabinets have self-closing door mechanism.

Fully Adjustable Shelves: indoor metal cabinets have 90mm shelving increments for large cabinets and 45mm for medium and small cabinets.

Powder Coated Paint Finish: the metal indoor cabinets have an epoxy resin powder coating internally & externally, for improved chemical resistance.

Walls: indoor metal cabinets are constructed using 1.2mm thick, double steel walls with 40mm air gap between walls to provide thermal insulation.

Shelves: all metal indoor cabinets come with 1.6mm thick perforated galvanised steel shelves providing added strength and free air movement within the cabinet.

50mm Vent Bungs: fitted to each side of indoor metal cabinets, to allow for venting where required. Each vent incorporates a steel flash arrester. Each event is supplied with resealable metal caps.

150mm Deep Liquid Tight Sump: for containment of leakage or spillage.

Corrosives Storage Cabinet
Gas and Aerosol Cage
Organic Peroxide Cabinet
Toxic Substances Cabinet
Oxidizer Cabinet
Flammable Liquid Cabinet

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet Range

$1,283.91$4,701.91 excl. GST
$1,301.27$2,735.55 excl. GST
$1,364.88$2,307.58 excl. GST
$1,364.88$2,307.58 excl. GST