Lithium Batteries and Renewable Energy Systems

With an ever-growing focus on renewable energy comes the associated storage of the energy captured. The storage, and release, of the captured energy is largely done with the use of lithium batteries, the so-called BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). The safe management of lithium batteries throughout the supply chain is an ever-evolving process. 

Small and large players in the international logistics industry are focussing on servicing the renewable energy market. With this comes the logistics management of those larger lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are known to pose a risk during the logistics process. The various Codes and Regulations associated with the transport of lithium batteries have implemented the many rules and requirements for the specific mode of transport. Requirements and best-practise principles also apply the safe (transit) storage of the lithium batteries and are improving every day.

Are you aware of your responsibilities for the safe management of the logistics process for Lithium Batteries?