Lithium Batteries via Airfreight

Imagine this …

you are at 10,000 km cruising altitude, enjoying your complimentary meal on your way home, to your business meeting, to your holiday destination.

Then comes a communication from the pilot, advising that due to an apparent incident with a lithium battery shipment, an emergency landing is initiated….

Investigation of the incident learned that the lithium battery shipment was incorrectly packed and documented due to unfamiliarity with the regulations involving the shipping of lithium batteries via airfreight.

The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations contain detailed information of how to prepare lithium battery shipments for airfreight.

Our approved course’ IATA DGR E-Learning Class 9 Lithium Batteries for Shippers & Forwarders’ presents the information contained in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations in bite-size understandable sections. And if there are sections that you would like more explanation about, our trainers are ready to help you out.

IATA DGR E-Learning Class 9 Lithium Batteries for Shippers & Forwarders

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