Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.8

The Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.8

Everyone involved with dangerous goods road and rail transport is responsible for understanding their requirements to ensure that the dangerous goods are transported and handled safely.

If you are involved with the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail, you shall be trained in general dangerous goods awareness, function-specific training for the dangerous goods you handle for transport and safety training.

The Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail, in short called the ADG Code, is the publication that handles the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail.

The Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.8 has been approved and will come into effect on 01 April 2023. There is a 12 month transition period in place where both edition 7.7 and edition 7.8 can be used. The ADG Code is given legal force in each Australian State and Territory by each jurisdiction’s dangerous goods transport transport laws. Not all jurisdictions may have a commencement date of 01 April 2023 for the ADG Code 7.8, please check with your local jurisdiction.

ADG Code 7.8 will be mandatory from 01 April 2024.

ADG Code

You can find your copy of the ADG Code here: ADG Code 7.8

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