Dangerous Goods Boxes

Dangerous Goods Boxes

Our 4GV UN dangerous goods boxes are boxes intended to be used as combination packages. They are designed to contain a wide range of inner packages, like metal containers, plastic containers and glass containers. 

packing of dangerous goods

These inner packages/containers are assembled in the 4GV box, placed in plastic liner(s), surrounded by sufficient void fill and/or absorbent material (like vermiculite), and closed securely with filament tape. This is your compliant UN specification package, ready for transport. 

Our current range of 4GV boxes allow you to pack various types of inner packages containing solids or liquids, in various quantities, with various dimensions and weights/volume.

The 4GV boxes are rated ‘X’, and can be used for substances or articles of packing group I, II and III. They can be used for road, rail, sea and air transport.

The 4GV boxes have undergone extensive (required) testing, and are covered under a certificate of approval from the competent authority (available upon request).

Dangerous Goods Compliance

Dangerous Goods Boxes

The difference with 4G boxes is that 4G boxes can only be packed in the same way it was during testing – ie. the exact type/number of inner packages need be assembled inside the outer package. If the 4G package was tested with 2 L metal drums, then you can only use the 4G box to pack 2 L (or less, like 1 L) metal drums. You wouldn’t be able to use the 4G box to pack plastic inners (I.e. bottles).

Be mindful of this when you are looking to purchase UN 4G(V) packaging, as the packer/shipper you are responsible for ensuring you use the correct packaging.

If you want to pack various types of inner packages in the box, check out our 4GV packaging range.