GHS Pictograms

The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) is a worldwide system that was created to help make information about chemicals and their potential hazards easier to understand and more consistent across the globe.

They are used consistently across different countries and languages to ensure that people can easily understand the potential hazards of chemicals.

When handling or working with chemicals, it’s essential to pay attention to these pictograms to stay safe and take appropriate precautions.

The GHS simplifies and standardises the way we communicate information about chemicals, making it safer for everyone who handles or is exposed to them.

Pictograms form part of the GHS, it provides a set of rules for labelling of chemicals.

The labels have clear and easily recognisable symbols, pictograms, and text to indicate the potential hazards of a chemical.

These symbols serve as a quick and easily understandable way to convey information about chemical dangers.