Hazardous Chemicals Mission

Our mission is to make dangerous goods information understandable to everyone. To provide a ‘keep it simple’ approach, making it easier to understand, to apply and therefore accomplish a safer place for everyone and the environment.

Often we hear that the regulations are almost impossible to digest. That it takes a lot of time and effort to understand and implement a system that conforms to the regulations and standards. And what about ‘grey’ areas in the regulations and standards, how do you deal with those?

hazardous chemical compliance

Our mission is to simplify the approach to the regulations, apply common sense, and to implement a system that works. Too often we encounter systems that satisfy the regulations, theoretically….are they workable systems that actually contribute to a safe environment, a system that your workers can actually understand and therefore easily follow?

By using the ‘KISS’ approach you’ll have a compliant hazardous chemical storage and handling system that is easy to implement and maintain. It starts with the basics, some simple questions:

  • Do you maintain a current hazchem register?
  • Do you know the quantities that are on site? 
  • Are you familiar with the requirements for minor storage workplace ? Placard quantity workplace? Manifest quantity workplace? 
  • Do you know ventilation guidelines? Spill management guidelines? Ignition points?
  • Are you familiar with the segregation requirements?
  • Have you got a suitable emergency management plan in place?
  • Do you have the time to Organise, Reorganise and Professionalise your systems?

If you answered no to any of the above, let’s answer this question: do you want a system that is easy to work with, that conforms to the regulatory requirements?

If your answer is ‘no’, all good, no harm done, all the best with your hazchem journey.

If your answer is ‘yes’, it may be time to seek the assistance from ORP. When the time is right for you, contact us for a chat about your hazchem situation and to see how we can assist you with organising, reorganising and professionalising your hazchem storage and handling.