Hazards of Flammable Gas Cylinder Transport

This news article highlights hazards of flammable gas cylinder transport when no proper care is taken during loading and transport.

WorkSafe Victoria has posted an article on their website stating that a gas cylinder supplier has been fined a total of $550,000 after a worker was left permanently disabled in a ute explosion in December 2017.

The risks involved with flammable gas cylinder transport are not always observed and complacency kicks is. Also from a supplier point of view which, as you can read in this case, comes back around due to the chain of responsibility.

In this case it was acetylene, however next time also be mindful when you pick up your gas cylinder for the barbecue…check if the cylinder is closed and transport it upright securely fastened. Keep in mind the hazards of flammable gas cylinder transport!

Read the article here: WorkSafe Victoria 

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Flammable gas label

Flammable gas ignites at a low flashpoint, all it needs is an ignition point (for instance a flame, a spark or a hot surface).

Examples of flammable gas: acetylene, propane, methane, hydrogen, iso-butane.